Queen Victoria Underwear

Museum workers hold up Queen Victoria's hefty chemise and knickers. Photo: Historic Royal Palaces, AP

We've uncovered Victoria's secret ... and oh how we wish we hadn't.

Proving that one country's nasty, stomach-turning, pervy souvenir is another country's national treasure, Britain's Museums, Libraries and Archives Council has just given Queen Victoria's super-sized underwear "national designated status," the Telegraph reports.

And did we mention that they're crotchless?

The distinction means that the monarch's drawers, stored at Kensington Palace and part of the Royal Ceremonial Dress Collection, are considered to be of "national and international significance, the paper reports. Yes -- significantly disgusting.

Made of linen and embroidered with a crown and the initials VR, the voluminous, hand-sewn undergarments make fellow Brit Bridget Jones's "big pants" look like a g-string. And that's not surprising, considering that, as the Telegraph notes, Queen Victoria boasted a 50-inch waist and a 66-inch bust.

The split-leg bloomers also sport open crotches, as was the tradition of the day, and were bound with a drawstring waist, according to the paper. Pretty kinky for a queen whose 63-year reign was known for its chaste, puritanical attitude towards women.

Between this and Prince Charles telling then-mistress Camilla Parker Bowles that he wanted to be her (gag) tampon, we can't help but wonder about those randy royals.

Our First Lady may wear shorts, but at least you can't walk into the Smithsonian and see Abe Lincoln's soiled nappies on display.

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