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Getting style advice via telephone is so yesterday. Photo: George Marks/Retrofile/Getty Images

We all know Skype rocks when it comes to keeping in touch with friends and family who are scattered around the globe, but have you thought about what it could do for your wardrobe?

This technology is already in use by designers like Norma Kamali, who has launched a new service that allows clients to receive a Skype call from the designer during a "Try Before You Buy" party.

The Norma Kamali Collection's personal shoppers select pieces that match the lifestyle and body type of the virtual attendees, then ship a trunk full of designs for each woman to try on and experience in person.

We chatted with Jamie Sorcher, resident tech expert at Skype, about how this technology could affect the way we experience fashion and shopping in the very near future.

"Fashion is very visual -- just think about designers' lookbooks," says Sorcher. "The next step is to make it interactive, letting the fashion designer develop a relationship with the customer, regardless of location."

Another example of how she envisions it being used is for personal shopping and by image consultants. "It's really the next trend," Sorcher predicts. "It's equal to having somebody right there with you. If you've met them before, Skype will serve to solidify that relationship. If you've never met in person, though, it doesn't matter."

Because the consultants don't have to be in the same place as the shoppers, it would allow them to see more people for a lesser price, opening up their businesses to a much larger and diverse clientele.

Then, consider New York Fashion Week. Not everyone can be front row at every runway presentation, but Sorcher thinks Skype could make it easier for people to "see" more of their favorite designers' shows.

In current daily life, Skype is already a style staple. Especially, if your super-stylish best friend lives across the country -- instead of trying to explain your outfit to her via text message, or even sending a picture, with Skype you can get an instant thumbs up (or down).

And if your mom is the only one who will give it to you straight on whether those jeans really do make you look fat, after a quick Skype session, you'll either be rocking the denim or it'll be in the giveaway pile, all without a trip home!

This isn't the only technology making shopping easier. Check out what Ray-Ban is already offering!