Kate Moss GQ

Kate Moss shows some leg at the GQ Men of the Year Awards in London last night. Photo: Dave M. Benett, Getty Images

Well, we can take a wild guess at who won't be the next winner of GQ's Woman of the Year award.

Supermodel/budding reality star Kate Moss -- who has been known to cause a little trouble now and then -- ruffled feathers at last night's GQ Men of the Year Awards at London's Royal Opera House, flashing her panties, cursing up a storm and doing the unthinkable: making outspoken pal Lily Allen look like a goody-two shoes, The Daily Mail reports.

Moss, on hand to present Allen with the Woman of the Year gong, turned up late, then stormed off and insisted that she would not be attending "one of these f****** award ceremonies again," as Allen cringed with embarrassment, according to the paper.

The antics didn't end there. The Daily Mail reports that her "spotty" skin and ultra-short minidress raised eyebrows, especially when the model decided to wrap herself, stripper-style, around a column while posing for pictures. Photos also show Moss's dress creeping up and exposing her panties.

A video obtained by the paper shows Moss interrupting an interview with British rapper Dizzee Rascal, who commented that her storming through was "rude," then doubling back to ask the annoyed performer if he'd seen her lipstick.

Of course, no night of hell-raising is complete without Mickey Rourke, and sure enough, Moss was photographed mingling with the bad boy actor before being bundled into a car by boyfriend Jamie Hince.

We can imagine getting pretty cranky if we lost our favorite lipstick, but Moss might want to tone down the 'tude if she has any hope of getting her hands on that Woman of the Year gong in 2010.

Then again, if Lily Allen can win the award after reportedly telling Elton John to "f*** off" at last year's festivities, anything is possible.

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