Kim Cattrall Sex and the City

Kim Cattrall relives the Eighties on the set of "Sex and the City 2." Photo:

We're not going to lie. When we first heard that the new "Sex and the City" sequel was going to include an Eighties flashback, we secretly hoped and prayed for a resurrection of Kim Cattrall's "Mannequin" style.

Bouncy waves. Giant shoulder pads. Maybe a former boyfriend played by Andrew McCarthy and a fun gay BFF named Hollywood.

But judging by the wild look Cattrall rocked on the film's set yesterday, it looks like Samantha Jones was less "hot mannequin brought to life" and more, well, David Lee Roth.

The sexpot's always been known for her bold ensembles, but she really pushed the boundaries of good taste with her purple and yellow leopard-print top, cropped studded denim vest, animal-print leggings with see-through side panels, skinny white leather belts and cherry-red buckled ankle boots.

And let's not forget the hair. Oh, the hair. We haven't seen a bitchin' 'do like that since the last Lita Ford tour.

So, if Carrie was a Jennifer Beals wannabe in her off-the-shoulder sweatshirt and curly 'fro, and Samantha was hanging backstage with Ratt, what can we expect from Miranda and Charlotte? Our money's on Molly Ringwald and Blair from "The Facts of Life," respectively.

We're still holding out hope for Andrew McCarthy.

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