A call to arms. Fashion lover D'Mitri Agnés-Capone shows off his Lanvin ink. Photo: Courtesy of D'Mitri Agnés-Capone

It's Mecedes-Benz Spring 2010 Fashion Week, and we love our designers as much as the next fashionable girl.

But some true brand loyalists really, really love their designers, and are having fashion logos implanted right on their skin.

Opting for permanent brand loyalty, especially the Nike swoosh or Louis Vuitton logo, is a growing trend. Just ask the anonymous New York fashionista and blogger who made a rather cheeky choice when he tattooed the interlocking Chanel Cs on his buttock.

"It was 1994, and I was 17 and I lived for the Chanel advertising at that time," he confesses. The glossy photos of Linda Evangelista and Christy Turlington draped in Karl Lagerfeld designs, each page embossed with the fashion house's iconic logo, were enough to make him enamored forever. "I pulled into a 7-Eleven, picked up a Vogue, where I knew I'd for sure find the logo, and headed over the parlor." Eighteen years later, he still loves it. "The tattoo was to be mine and mine alone. I didn't want it exposed, so I put it on my upper buttocks."

He made a smart choice – the Chanel logo is one of the most popular fashion tattoos, and with good reason, according to Stephanie Tamez, who runs inking headquarters at Brooklyn Adorned. "I love the Chanel C," she says. "I don't know if it's that it typographically appeals to me so much or if it's that, growing up, it was the epitome of classic."

Tamez has seen a rise in logo inking over the past decade; certainly, when she started work 15 years ago, no one was asking for Polo or Coco permanently on his or her body. Tamez believes that origin of this trend begins with military emblems and extends to the band logos that were popular throughout the 70s and 80s. She understands the allure of the fashion obsession. After all, these are some of the best designed - and most iconic – logos in the world now.

"I recently did a rhinoceros, the Ecko logo, and the girl told me 'I love it – the design, everything they stand for as a company, I'm totally all about them.'"

(Clearly, Chanel has no copyright anxiety, either – when that anonymous New York fashionista landed a job in its office stateside, the head of Pret-a-Porter pinned a Polaroid of his inked bottom to her wall.) Though Tamez is hands-off with clients when it comes to choosing designs she does always have one warning when a client mulls a designer marque forever. "Are you sure you real love it that much," she laughs, "and it's not going to be out of season next year?"

-- By Mark Ellwood
Designer Tattoos
Anyone can simply blog about their favorite designer or become a fan of their Facebook page. These days true brand loyalists aren't content with declaring their devotion vis-a-vis the latest wave of social media. Oh no, today's label-loving extremists are having fashion logos implanted right on their skin. By Mark Ellwood
Courtesy of D'Mitri Agnés-Capone

Designer Tattoos

    Lanvin Lover "I decided to get the tattoo for a couple of reasons," says Boston-based fashion-lover D'Mitri Agnés-Capone about his iconic ink.

    "I have been an avid collector of LANVIN for a long time but wanted to memorialize the brand in a way that was really personal and unique. I believe that, in their designs, Alber Elbaz and his predecessors have epitomized what fashion aims to be: glamorous, fantasied, larger-than-life ... Who wouldn't want a little part of that?"

    Courtesy of D'Mitri Agnés-Capone

    Cuckoo for Coco "I pulled into a 7-Eleven, picked up a Vogue, where I knew I'd find the logo, and headed over the parlor," says an anonymous NYC-based fashion blogger and man-about-town.

    Eighteen years later, he still loves it. "The tattoo was to be mine and mine alone. I didn't want it exposed, so I put it on my upper buttocks."

    Cheeky choice!

    Mad for Marc In March of 2006, Marc Jacobs' then paramour Jason Preston famously had his boyfriend's logo tattooed on his arm. While the ink remains, the relationship was over long ago.

    Getty Images

    Living la Vida Vuitton It looks like Preston isn't the only dude loving Marc Jacobs' iconic creations. At a party for the French fashion house in May 2007, party-goer Ned Karlovich showed off his loyalty for the brand...on his arm.


    Sweet Tweet After Coogi owner Daymond John offered $5,000 dollars worth of clothing to the next person who followed him on Twitter, fan Natalie Mangum responded with high hopes. In a separate tweet to a friend wrote that she would tattoo the Coogi logo on her body if she won.

    John saw that exchange and doubled the offer if Mangum went through with it.

    "I love the line," she says. "I got it tattooed and sent him a pic plus a video of it happening!"

    John flew Mangum to New York to pick out the well-earned clothing and star in an exclusive photo shoot. "Now I'm like a walking billboard for Coogi," she says. "I love my tattoo...I wouldn't change a thing."

    Courtesy of Natalie Mangum

    Air Jordan Believe it or not, the Coogi tattoo isn't Natalie Mangum's only branded ink. She also has the Michael Jordan "jump man" logo on her right shoulder blade.

    "I got this when I was 19 because I believed - and still do - that he is the best NBA player that ever lived," she says.

    Courtesy of Natalie Mangum

    What a Croc! An Izod-loving hipster shows off his branded chest featuring the iconic crocodile logo.

    JOE M500, flickr