Pamela Anderson takes the law into her own hands. Photo: Courtesy of PETA

Fashion Week is a busy time for the PETA. First, Pamela Anderson and other stars filmed an anti-fur TV ad that they planned to run on at major NYC airports to target travelers during fashion week.

But you won't see it at JFK or LaGuardia, as the CNN Airport Network couldn't air the too-hot-for-TV ad. You can take a look at the video by clicking here, but we warn you--there is nudity involved!

Next, the animal rights group actually canceled a planned protest at tonight's Dior party for Fashion Week. Guest and Dior model Charlize Theron was the peacemaker--the actress has worked extensively with PETA in the past and is a huge anti-fur advocate, so the PETA decided to let Dior partygoers off the hook.

However, Anna Wintour isn't so lucky. According to PETA, Wintour and Michael Kors will be joined by some activists at their Fashion's Night Out party at Macy's this evening.