Gwen and her flock of merry LAMBs. Photo: Theo Wargo, Wireimage


INSPIRATION: A grunge-filled Eighties revival

TOP LOOKS: Backless silk white jumpsuit; purple and black anorak; sassy harem pants in a variety of fabrications

ACCESSORIES: Black-and-white digital print handbags made to look like newspaper remnants

WHO WAS THERE: The queen bee herself

WHAT WE THOUGHT: Following the presentation, Stefani explained that she wanted, "casual, accessible clothing" that she would be tempted to pull from her own closet. Styled to the hilt, all the models were made to look like Stefani clones with their trumped up coifs and slashes of electric-colored eyeliner.

Yet, that je ne sais quoi that always keeps Stefani a worthy beacon of fashion inspiration seemed to be missing in this collection. Save for a few standouts like the aforementioned backless silk jumper and a cool pair of pants here and there -- this offering felt like a weaker version of Alexander Wang's staples.

Still, Stefani was clearly pleased. "It took seven years to get to this point," she said while fielding questions from reporters and tugs on the leg from her blond-mohawked son Kingston. "I'm really happy with it. These are very wearable."