cindy crawford

Cindy Crawford -- supermodel, mother, designer. Theo Wargo/Getty Images for H L Group

Cindy Crawford believes in "dressing" your home the same way you'd dress yourself.

Unfortunately, that sometimes leads to confusion in terminology when dealing with the designers for her Cindy Crawford Style home collection at JCPenney.

"I talk to the designers in fashion terms," Crawford told StyleList. "We were discussing classic versus traditional. The designers said they meant the same, but in fashion they don't. 'Traditional' is not a word that resonates with me," she continued. "When you say classic in fashion, it's a trench coat or a black pump. If you say traditional, it's Margaret Thatcher. I don't want to dress traditionally ever, but I would dress classically. We're learning each other's vocabulary."

And then there's the way she applies her own fashion notions to the collection. "Window panels," for example, she said. "I like them to be slightly long and have a drape to them, like a pair of pants with a break. I was tall growing up and my pants were always floods. For me, that extra fabric feels luxurious."

Crawford and JCPenney got a head start on New York's fashion week by hosting a celebration for her new collection at SoHo House in New York's Meatpacking District on Wednesday evening. The rooftop venue was tented and transformed into a Cindy Crawford environment, complete with her pillows, throws, lamps and even towels.

Wearing a Blumarine sheath and Jimmy Choo shoes, Crawford said the home collection was created as a complement to her furniture collection, Cindy Crawford Home. "The idea was to create a lifestyle brand. When you design the bed, you want something to go on top of it. The accent pillows and all the other pieces to bring the room to life."

And though, she won't dress in a traditional fashion, for home "I'm rooted in traditional, but influenced by whatever strikes my fancy," like travel, working with fashion designers and stylists, her home in Malibu or simply her lifestyle. "I'm 43, I have two kids and I'm a working mom – that's my customer, that's who I relate to. I take my kids to school most days."

The collection debuted in the chain's new Manhattan store last month and is now available in all JCPenney locations.

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