Cynthia Nixon Sarah Jessica Parker Kim Cattrall Kristin Davis Sex and the City

Cynthia Nixon, Kim Cattrall, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Kristin Davis get their Eighties on. Photos: Ray Tamarra, Getty Images I I Charles Sykes, AP I James Devaney, WireImage

We've long suspected "Sex and the City 2" is going to probably be the best. movie. EVER. (Make some room, "Citizen Kane.")

But we had no idea that it would totally also be the raddest, most bitchin' movie of, like, all time.

Yesterday we showed you Kim Cattrall's wild hair band groupie Eighties makeover. Now, feast your eyes on these Eighties outfits seen on Carrie and company on the film's set yesterday.

Sarah Jessica Parker switched up her Jennifer Beals 2.0 duds with a Madonna-inspired get-up featuring a tutu, black lace leggings, white pumps, and a bustier.

Kristin Davis unsurprisingly looked like she'd stepped out of "The Official Preppy Handbook" in a white blouse, lime green sweater tied around her shoulders, Alice band, Lilly Pulitzer-esque skirt and white tennies.

And once again, Cynthia Nixon's Miranda drew the short straw with an ultra-short flaming red chili bowl haircut and a drab Eighties power suit paired with geeky running shoes. So much for our Molly Ringwald dreams.

The original film inspired plenty of lookalike fashions, but it remains to be seen if fans will be clamoring for shoulder pads and Tawny Kitaen's castoff clothes once this hits theaters. Let's just hope the girls don't bust out the parachute pants anytime soon.

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