Photographer Annie Leibovitz

A reasons to smile: Annie Leibovitz will get to keep the rights to her work. Photo: Michael Loccisano, Getty Images

We have a verdict folks: photog to the stars Annie Leibovitz will get to keep the copyrights to her work.

After we updated yesterday that the pending lawsuit over Leibovtiz's $24 million loan from Art Capital Group was at a stalemate, WWD reported that the photographer has extended the conditions on loan repayment to the lender.

Lucky for Leibovitz, this also means that Art Capital will withdraw the lawsuit they filed against her in July.

As part of the deal, Leibovitz will also get to keep control of her houses in both West Village and upstate New York, says the site.

All this bodes well for up-and-coming actors and actresses, because who else but Annie Leibovitz could jumpstart a career (or in Miley Cyrus' case, create controversy)? Hey no biz like show biz, and the only bad press is if you get no press!

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