Terri Nunn Drew Barrymore

Berlin's Terri Nunn (left) circa 1984 and Drew Barrymore (right) and their double-dipped 'dos. Photos: Ebet Roberts, Redferns I Ryan Miner, Splash News

Looks like the "Sex and the City" gals aren't the only ones living in the Eighties.

Count Drew Barrymore in. The quirky starlet promoted her directorial debut, the roller derby film "Whip It," in Boston yesterday with a black dip-dyed 'do that's a dead-ringer for the legendary chocolate-blonde swirl locks of Terri Nunn, lead singer for Eighties pop band Berlin.

Well, Drew, you certainly take our breath away.

At least Nunn had the Eighties as an excuse for her reverse roots style. We can only assume Barrymore was trying to channel some skater girl "chic." Or she leaned over too far while dyeing goth Easter eggs.

Guess we can call a time of death for that whole gorgeous retro "Grey Gardens" phase Barrymore just rocked. Boo.

Sigh ... we have no more words.

Drew Barrymore doesn't always have bad hair days. In fact, some of her looks have been downright covetable!