new balance louis vuitton shoes

New Balance claims its 574 sneaker, above, has been copied by Louis Vuitton's Minstrel shoe. Photo: (top) and (bottom)

New Balance is suing LVMH for trademark infringement, alleging that the luxury company copied one of its most popular shoe designs.

New Balance claims Louis Vuitton's Minstrel sneaker is a copy of its men's top-selling 574 retro-style running shoe, according to a story in The Boston Herald.

The 574, on store shelves since the mid-'90s, retails for around $75. Louis Vuitton's Minstrel, which premiered last month, is $590.

According to the Herald report, New Balance says collaborations between the company and artists and designers on 574 special editions are typically sell-outs. Those past collaborations could lead customers to think Louis Vuitton's Minstrel is affiliated with New Balance, the suit notes.

"Indeed, it is possible that had New Balance authorized Louis Vuitton to design a special Louis Vuitton edition of the iconic New Balance 574 shoe, the Minstrel might have been a highly successful collaboration," the suit says.

Celebs who wear the 547s? Will Ferrell, Ludacris and Elijah Wood. Even "Gossip Girl" Blake Lively has donned the style.

We see the "N" has been traded for the "LV" logo on the Minstrel, but do you see any other differences? Leave a comment below!