brooks brothers picnic set

Picnic perfect for fashion-forward prepsters. Photo: Arthur Wayne for Brooks Brothers

DESIGNER: Brooks Brothers and Black Fleece by Thom Browne

INSPIRATION: The traditional bastians of preppiness -- Maine, Palm Beach, the Hamptons, the country club

TOP LOOKS: Black Fleece black seersucker embroidered with black anchors for a women's trouser suit or men's blazer

ACCESSORIES: Brilliant red, white and blue grosgrain strappy sandals, black and white heeled spectator oxfords and black peep-toe oxfords

WHO WAS THERE: It was a press preview, so editors only.

WHAT WE THOUGHT: Thom Browne's Black Fleece collection has evolved organically to a really beautiful place. The mainly black and white collection has fabulous pieces (crochet skirt and top, a grosgrain knife-pleat skirt and a lightweight printed leather skirt for women and a linen or knit "tuxedo" jacket with grosgrain trim for men). The offerings from Brooks Brothers are well-cut and just a step, style-wise, above dusty, old preppy duds.