Catwalk queen Miss J. Photo: Michael Buckner, Getty Images

Calling all "America's Next Top Model" fans!

StyleList ran into judge Miss J. Alexander during Fashion Week, and he talked about his favorite contestant, Kentucky farm girl Laura:

"I love the girl who came from the South," he said. "Her grandma made all her clothes. She didn't have any fashion information by way of being in a big city, and proved everybody wrong. Love her."

This season -- in case you hadn't heard -- is all about petite models, and Alexander was excited to see them rise to the challenge.

"Their job was to make themselves look longer to give an illusion. Fashion is smoke and mirrors. It is. And these girls need to give the illusion that they can be 9 feet tall."

Alexander also gave us the scoop on his upcoming book, Follow the Model, due to hit stores in November. "It's my journey from the South Bronx to Paris, basically," he says. "It's not a biography, not yet, I think it's too soon for that. I don't think I've really lived yet. Or have I? I've lived long enough to give a good story. And that's what the book is about."

Alexander wore an H&M blazer "that I confiscated from somewhere," Fendi glasses and a "bandana I found here on a street in New York City for like $2."

He also dished advice to the models during Fashion Week. "Make sure you keep everything clean below the waist," he says. "It's very important. Keep clean panties. It's essential. Drink lots of water. And make sure that you keep your personality in whatever you do."

Oh, and eat well: "I eat everything I can get my hands on," he says. "Last night I had fried chicken and curly fries."