Looking feminine this spring will be a cinch. Photo: J. Mendel


INSPIRATION: The biomorphic works of artists Tara Donovan and Noriko Ambe

TOP LOOKS: Taupe head to toe -- Shaved mink chubby, tank, and paillette skirt; Rusty peach party dress with gathered fabric flowers at waist and bust; Pale lavender chiffon gown with Grecian pleating and sheer panels at bust and on shoulders; Gold foil suits with Mies Van der Rohe-esque recessed seams

Patent Christian Louboutins with needle thin heels and clear glass baubles; Mod-ish sculptural necklaces and bracelets in clear plastic -- made in- house and by Sequin

WHO WAS THERE: Dr. Lisa Airan, Jennifer Creel, Mary Alice Stephenson, Dalia Oberlander, Annie Churchill

WHAT WE THOUGHT: Gilles Mendel took artistic inspiration from Tara Donovan's show at the Armory, and created his own "sculptures out of light materials"--which describes clothes rather well, actually. Mendel "sculpted and molded," seamed and draped. And "hard fabrics became liquid" -- the Noriko Ambe touch. The results of this exploration were artful red carpet and cocktail dresses that were both over-the-top and restrained, plus form-fitting armor-like suits for lunching ladies. Mendel chose a palette of dusky colors from off-white, to taupe to dirty chartreuse, smoky lavender and rusty pink. And appropriately showed in a gallery.