What a difference a professional stylist makes. Photo: ABC / WireImage

While her kids presumably played house with the nanny (since Jon is probably off on a yacht somewhere), Kate Gosselin played co-host today on ABC's "The View".

But as she chatted about Taylor Swift and Kanye at the VMAs, we couldn't help but focus on her hair.

Gone was the usual ashy blond asymmetrical 'do she's been known for.

In its place, a softer, more feminine look that we actually -- dare we say it -- like!

What's different: Gosselin's hair is a more golden shade of blond. The ashy, bleached-out tone she had was too intense. The View stylist also worked to lessen the lopsided look by curling her hair loosely to blend the layers.

The end result? Kate is starting to look more like the one who should be galavanting around Europe on yachts.

Team Kate!