Lady Liberty Our Lady of Guadalupe Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga's latest style equation. Photos: Eyewire I giveawayboy, flickr I Laura Kenney

Here we go again.

Yesterday, we cracked the code to Lady Gaga's bizarre Marlene-Dietrich-meets-"Phantom-of-the-Opera" outfit from MTV's Video Music Awards.

But naturally, the chameleon-esque singer threw us a curveball at last night's Marc Jacobs after party with this feathered halo-like headpiece and a revealing red lace body stocking with matching veil. (Looks like Gaga's VMA acceptance getup got the Molly Ringwald-"Pretty in Pink"-prom dress treatment.)

Nice try, Gagster, but you forgot one thing -- we know our MIT, as well as our FIT.

Boop bob boop bop beep ... our calculations say: Lady Liberty plus Our Lady of Guadalupe = the wackness.

We guess we're supposed to feel patriotic, or reverent. Or believe that this nipple flasher is a virgin.

On the other hand, she does have a devoted following ... and a lot of people have seen what's underneath her dress.

There's plenty more Gaga goodness where that came from. Check out another one of her wild looks.