leopard snuggie

ME-OW! At long last, the fashion-forward Snuggie. Photo: Joe Mahoney, Denveralamode.com

Oscar! Carolina! Marc! Snuggie!

Oh, yes, fashionistas, Snuggie made its New York Fashion Week debut, spreading the style word that blanket is the new black.

No longer just available in classic Snuggie blue, Fall '09/Winter '10 styles will be available in a slew of shades, prints and logos.

Plus, not wanting to leave anyone in the family out in the cold, they'll come in kids sizes (sold with slipper socks!) and various silhouettes for dogs (you read that right -- Fido gets a blanket with arms, too).

"He can change the channel! He can read! He can text his friend," runway show emcee Ross "The Intern" Matthews declared of a Snuggie-clad pooch.

On the Snuggie runway? Camel, deep forest green, leopard and zebra prints, tie-dye, black, camouflage and collegiate logos (48 schools available at collegesnuggies.com).

Oh, and don't forget purple.

dog snuggie

Best in show! Photo: Joe Mahoney, Denveralamode.com

"What do those fancy designers call it?" Matthews asked. "Screw it. We are Snuggie. It's called purple, people!"

And, for those who like a little luxe in their loungewear, there'll be a new micro-plush version -- complete with pockets to store your remote control -- in colors like chocolate brown, berry red and deep navy.

You may laugh, but with more than five million Snuggies sold, and with the brand launching soon in Australia, England, Mexico, Canada, Japan and Italy, they're doing something right.

The icing on the cozy cake? Each guest at Tuesday's show walked out with their own Snuggie.

"You may end up asking winter to stick around an extra month," Matthews quipped. We just might!