Alba is stunning in any hair color. Photo: Bryan Bedder, Getty Images for IMG

Jessica Alba is a fox, and when we saw her lightened hair in person (though we'd previously had our doubts about it) we had to admit it looked pretty good.

Are you blonde for good now?

Alba: "Uh, no. My roots grow out!"

StyleList: Now that you're a mom, are you in sweatpants all the time? What do you wear at home?

Alba: "Jeans, t-shirt...I'm actually kind of liking this [jeans] brand called Black Orchid. it's cute...and they stretch!

StyleList: What about makeup? Do you use anything from the drugstore?

Alba: Um no. [Then she remembers her Revlon contract.] I kind of only use Revlon makeup from the drugstore. The Beyond Natural stuff is awesome because you don't really look like you're wearing makeup and it kind of helps when you're feeling tired. And I love all their glosses.

StyleList: It seems like your body bounced back right away after you gave birth. Was it easy for you?

Alba: No -- getting back in shape after a baby is really hard. It was not fun. I stepped up my training for sure right after.

StyleList: Who's your trainer?

Alba: Her name's Ramona.