Jessica White at MCM party at Saks Fifth Avenue

Model-cum-author Jessica White at the MCM party. Photo: Gustavo Caballero, WireImage for Factory PR

At Saks Fifth Avenue on Tuesday night, supporters of MCM handbags came out to celebrate the store-exclusive MCM New York collection.

One of MCM's biggest fans (she says she loves her MCM black patent leather clutch) was Sports Illustrated model (and rumored Sean Penn girlfriend) Jessica White, who surprised us with her new career move.

"I'm writing a book," she told StyleList. "It's called 'Overcoming Your Greatest Hurt' and it's a biography about a woman on death row. I'm also doing a film on her."

It seems the supermodel has been writing the book for over a year, but for the past three months, has run into writers block, thanks in large part to her busy Maybelline and Sports Illustrated schedule. "I don't want to rush the creative process, though, because it's a really good book," she says.

So just how did she come up with this project? "I read a lot," says White. "I read the weirdest things and I come across these really amazing stories, and this one particular woman committed a really bad crime and it barely made five lines in the Chicago Tribune. I became really intrigued with this story and I thought it was something that definitely needed to be told. She definitely committed the crime, but she was a victim that became one of the greatest victimizers."

Although White kept most of the details of the project mum, overall, she says, "It's about how the system needs to step up and help young women who have been abused starting in their youth, because if they don't, those girls will grow up and have a bigger problem than need be."

We're sure White is hoping this side project goes better than her foray into reality television via Terrell Owens' "The T.O. Show."

"When I saw the finished product, I was a little disappointed because it wasn't exactly what was sold to me and it's not the way things really played out," she says about the VH1 program documenting her and Owens' relationship. "But reality isn't really reality. I don't just doubt reality shows now. I know for a fact they aren't real."

So are you going to scoop up White's crime book? What other models would you want to read?

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