Our favorite funny lady is never short for words. Photo: Bryan Bedder, Getty Images for IMG

We love love love us some Kathy Griffin! The star of "My Life on the D List" has definitely bumped herself up a few letters of the alphabet, as we had to fight off a swarm of photographers to get near her at today's Isaac Mizrahi show.

We had many questions to ask Kathy, but the busy star was running straight from Fashion Week to VH1's Divas (hosted by Paula Abdul tonight) and we had to pick one. So we made it a good one.

A lot of celebrities like to show a nipple here and there to boost their status. If you could only show one lady part, what would it be?

Kathy: "It would be my pixelated crotch. You know, like on "Cops."

StyleList: Should we be on the lookout for that anytime soon?

Kathy: "Yeah actually you can look for it tonight."

"I did host the Creative Arts Emmys," she adds, "And they show my pixelated crotch. It's for the Academy."