Levi's created the first women's jeans 75 years ago. Photo: © LS&CO

Talk about fashion influence! Among their stylish accomplishments, Levi Strauss & Co. created the first pair of women's jeans 75 years ago.

Back in the fall of 1934, the all-American company took a gamble by producing the first jeans made exclusively for women called "Lady Levi's jeans." The line was originally made for "Western women" on ranches and farms that had been borrowing men's Levi's (the first Boyfriend jeans?).

Now the brand is celebrating the anniversary of equal denim duds for everyone by rolling out store events nationwide.

Levi's historian Lynn Downey will be on hand for many of the festivities, starting at New York's Soho store on Sept 26, then moving on to Beverly Hills, San Francisco and Chicago to chat on the history of women's jeans. Check the specially dedicated Website for more details.

As it turns out, the traditional workwear pants were more than just a fashion statement -- thirteen years after they were introduced, women won the right to vote. Coincidence? We think not.

Downey adds, "Levi Strauss & Co.'s decision to create a line of women's Levi's jeans was very progressive at the time. Pants still weren't an acceptable part of a woman's wardrobe, let alone a style of pants considered to be men's workwear."

Fast forward to today and we've got hundreds of washes and cuts to choose from, jeggings and $300+ designer denim!

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