Christian Louboutin's new Los Angeles boutique

A scene from Christian Louboutin's short film, shot inside his new Los Angeles store. Image courtesy of Christian Louboutin

To celebrate the opening of the second Christian Louboutin boutique in Los Angeles, the shoe designer extraordinaire decided to celebrate with a short film instead of a fancy Olsens-studded soirée.

The result is "Psycho-Logic," Louboutin's writing and directorial debut, which centers around a very Hitchcock/"Psycho"-inspired plot, but with the new Louboutin store on Robertson North playing the creepy Bates Motel and the main character getting attacked (or perhaps just presented?) with a sharp-heeled pump instead of a knife. (Um, we could deal with that!)

After the shoe encounter (courtesy of Louboutin himself, in a grim reaper outfit), the star of the short, model Elisa Sednaoui, finds herself moving from a nightmare situation to a dream (and from black-and-white to color), when she stumbles down the stairs into the glittering Louboutin boutique and fondles a wide array of insane red-soled glam rock heels.
Christian Louboutin on his debut film

Christian Louboutin on the set of his debut film. Image courtesy of Christian Louboutin

Perhaps even better than the film itself, is the behind-the-scenes footage, where Louboutin (wearing a snazzy neon green watch) explains his philosophy on super-high pumps.

"There is a certain height where you just can't walk with them. But, you know, you can do other things," he says, not elaborating. "Some shoes are very, very, very high, so they might not be dedicated to walk[ing], but so what."

To view Louboutin's towering pumps in "Psycho-Logic," head over to and click on "Louboutin World," then "News + Gossip."

After you watch, come back here and tell us what you think of CL's film-making debut.