Wigging out. An over-the-top look from London Fashion Week. Photo: StyleList

It's only the second day of London Fashion Week and already things are getting hairy!

Avant-garde wig designer Charlie Le Mindu took wacky hair to a whole new level for his Spring/Summer 2010 collection.

Among the outlandish wigs was an upside-down hairy triangle, hairy lips in both blonde and brunette (hey, at least he's an equal opportunist) and a blonde dreadlocked mask that looked like something out of "Star Wars."

We find this lip-locked look (right) very John Lennon meets SNL's "Sprockets" host Dieter meets Goldilocks.

The wigs were paired with shaggy coats, stranded skirts and furry see-through tights, all made of, you guessed it, hair.

For those who'd rather remove hair than wear it, there was the opening look: a metallic Eiffel Tower that shot vertically upwards from the model's head. Not exactly ideal for a movie date, but we're sure it'll get you to the front of the concessions line.

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