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Justin Timberlake, Michael J. Fox, Kevin Bacon and Kiefer Sutherland. Who knew specs were so darn sexy? Photo: Getty Images

Well, hello four eyes!

The most noteworthy accessory sported by Emmys leading men sat on the bridge of their noses.

The look was geek, but oh so chic thanks to Justin Timberlake, Simon Baker, Michael J. Fox, Kiefer Sutherland and Kevin Bacon, who all paired dark, thick glasses with their red carpet formal wear.

Their studious eye wear choices seemed to call on the retro influences of best drama winner, "Mad Men." The result was a sexy Clark Kent-esque vibe.

On Timberlake, who has been sporting squared off dark frames for a while, the nerdy look ups his style IQ giving the former boy bander an air of seriousness. Fox wears his slim, squared off lenses in a regal way, befitting his status as a Hollywood statesman. Bacon looked ever cool in black frames that did not drag his angular face down.

Seeing a trend here?

Indeed, says Deb Lochli-McGrath, an optician and spokesperson for the Vision Council of America,.

Celebrities including Timberlake, Tina Fey, Woody Allen and Annie Leibovitz, have all worked geek frames into a distinctive look, she notes.

The Emmy men work it well "because they stick to the trend without overdoing it," says Lochli-McGrath. "It is just enough of a retro look with that heavy plastic square frame." Add in their suits and good looks and "the glasses become a great accessory, something that adds to their whole look and gives them an air of refinement."

Who says girls won't make passes at men who wear glasses?

Before you toss your contacts or cancel your Lasik surgery, here are some unisex tips on wearing the trend well:

Know the shape of your face. Bacon's slender frames are a perfect choice for his profile. Timberlake chose frames with a slightly rounded edge which add a softness that suits him well.Sutherland's rounder frames fill out his mature face.

There's a fine line between geek and geek chic. Suited up Emmy style, serious frames can look great. Pair them with dated, dull clothes and you have all geek no chic.

But the guys weren't the only ones making style statements, and we've got the scoop on how to copy one smokin' hot actress' Emmy night look!