Bobbi Brown and Lauren Bush have collaborated to create the FEED 10 Pouch . Photo: Courtesy of Bobbi Brown

Now your cosmetics bag can be as earth-friendly as your shopping bag.

Bobbi Brown, CEO and founder of Bobbi Brown Cosmetics, has collaborated with Lauren Bush on the latest incarnation of her popular Feed bags. The Feed 10 Pouch is made from sustainable materials using fair trade labor, and filled with three of Brown's favorite lip gloss shades - Petal, Rose Sugar and Aubergine.

Available in October at Bloomingdale's, each Feed 10 pouch will provide ten women with food through the United Nations World Food Program "Food For Work Program," which offers women job training and work in exchange for food.

"The basics that you and I may take for granted are luxuries for so many women who just want to be able to work and stand on their own two feet," says Brown.

The "Food For Work Program" allows women to break the poverty cycle by making it easier for them to secure food for themselves and their families. In return, they are able to invest time and energy in learning new job skills that are important for a sustainable future and hope for their children, their families, and their communities.

A staple at New York Fashion Week, Brown has been busy lately, and hats off to her. We like it when beauty brands help make the world a better place.