Drew Barrymore on cover of InStyle October issue

Drew Barrymore on InStyle's October cover. Photographed for InStyle by Regan Cameron

The multi-talented Drew Barrymore -- actress, producer and now director with her soon-to-be released movie "Whip It" -- plays cover girl on the October issue of InStyle.

And while she is all glam and sequin-covered in the inside photos (see below), the accompanying interview reveals the same down-to-earth attitude for which the actress is known.

"I love my life, I really do," she tells the magazine. "But there are moments I battle with it. Some days I want nothing more than a brilliant mask so I could look like someone else and go wander the streets and be free. I'm very peeved that Halloween only comes once a year."

Speaking of dressing up, when asked by InStyle about her greatest fashion faux pas, she replied: "Anything I wore on the red carpet in the E.T. era. What was I thinking? Velour and taffeta, together? Oh, no, no, no. Now I think it's brilliant."
Drew Barrymore in sequined Balmain for InStyle's October issue

Face-to-face: Barrymore in Balmain. Photographed for InStyle by Regan Cameron

Clearly comfortable in her own skin, Barrymore poses in flashy gowns by Balmain, Valentino and Roberto Cavalli for the photo shoot, flashing a berry-stained smile throughout.

"I don't have the time or discipline or interest in having a perfect-10 body," says the 34-year-old. "I work out, I eat right, but I'll always be a little bit of Jell-O on a pole." Could have fooled us!

She also goes on to talk about her belief in girl power, "I don't understand women who are competitive, apart from positive forums like athletics," she says. "One person is a powerful thing, but a tribe is unstoppable."

"I love that when I was a girl I was never told, 'You can't do what boys do,'" she adds.

Regarding her rocky relationship with her mom, the actress reveals: "I am OK with my dad [actor John Barrymore], but my mom [Jaid Barrymore] and I have yet to work it all out." And explains, "I don't talk about it because... how do you talk about something that you're confused about?"

A biker babe in Roberto Cavalli. Photographed for InStyle by Regan Cameron

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