Iran Mannequin

An Iranian woman stands next to a headscarf-wearing mannequin. Photo: Majid Saeedi, Getty Images

What is this, International Hate On Curvy Girls Week?

First designer Mark Fast and stylist Erika Kurihara fell out over his decision to use plus-size models in his Spring 2010 show during London Fashion Week.

Now, Iranian shopkeepers have been warned not to display curvy mannequins, according to Reuters, citing an IRNA news agency report issued yesterday.

Iranian police enforcing Islamic dress codes have also banned mannequins who are not wearing the traditional Muslim headscarf (a Hijab), saying "Using unusual mannequins exposing the body curves and with the heads without Hijabs are prohibited to be used in the shops," according to a statement given to IRNA, the source adds.

The statement also cracked down on displaying neckties in shop windows, as well as the selling of women's underwear by male shopkeepers.

Under President Mahmoud Ahmadinejab, Iran has taken a harder line towards enforcing strict Islamic dress codes and avoiding Western style influences, Reuters reports.

According to the news agency, dress code violations can result in a formal caution and/or police questioning on the first offense, with possible detainment and guidance classes for repeat offenders.

What do you think? Does banning curvy mannequins seem reasonable given Islamic beliefs, or does it seem like an excessive crackdown that could stir up body issues amongst young women?

Islamic dress has been a contentious topic lately -- this country is considering banning Islamic burqas.