black skirt Mango

A chic black skirt ($44.90) from MANGO's new THINK UP concept. Photo:

Here's some brilliant style news for all you budgeting recessionistas. (And these days, who isn't?)

MANGO, the on-trend Spanish retailer, just launched THINK UP, a selection of over 90 pieces from its regular collections at discounted prices. The items will feature a special label and start at just $24.90.

Read: stuff you want and can wear now, and more importantly, are able to afford. Sure beats waiting to pick through a ransacked sale rack of out-of-season clothes.

With a slogan of "Special prices for creative living," the low-cost concept is being promoted on its own blog,, that features pop culture and style posts, in addition to photos of the collection.

It's a total no-brainer, yet took a genius brand to think up! Now if all our favorite stores would do this, we might just have a retail bailout plan.

To see who's starring in MANGO's fall/winter campaign, click here.