The three sides of Kate Middleton's style. Photo: (2)Indigo, Getty Images | Danny Martindale, Getty Images

When Prince William first began dating Kate Middleton, an entire generation of women (OK, maybe several generations) clamored for a glimpse of what made this particular one so special.

After all, William was the prince to millions of girls' princess fantasies, so it was only natural to wonder what it was about Middleton that helped her make the cut.

And make the cut, she did -- the pair reportedly have set a date to wed in 2012, when William turns 30.

But back to Middleton for a minute.

The icon, who made Vanity Fair's Best Dressed List, shows a chameleon-like ability to adapt her style to various situations.

At the far left, she masters the English aristocratic look (complete with customary hat) at a wedding.

In the middle, she exhibits effortless style while watching a Polo match in skinny jeans, a flowy top and a leather jacket.

At the right, Middleton gets into character for a Roller Disco benefit, proving not only that she can let loose and have fun (for charity, of course), but that she has the bod to wear just about anything.

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