Flintstones Jeremy Scott

Jeremy Scott's page right of history at London Fashion Week. Photos: Gareth Cattermole, Getty Images

The invite reading "Bone to Be Wild" should have tipped us off that Jeremy Scott had something up his (one) sleeve for Spring 2010.

But even we weren't prepared for the designer to send fashion back to the era of Brontosaurus burgers for his London Fashion Week runway show.

That is, until the familiar strains of "The Flintstones" theme song started up and the first model hit the catwalk, dressed like, well, Pebbles on an acid trip.

Sure enough, the collection, set to the tune of Toto Coelo's "I Eat Cannibals," was all about caveman chic, in the form of neon pink, orange, purple and lime green tattered dresses and swimwear with polka-dot and inky ikat prints.


"Wilma!" The original Flintstones fashion lineup. Photo: Everett Collection

And let's not forget the hair (like we could if we tried). As a crowd that included Cory Kennedy and Leigh Lezark looked on, Bedrock babes like Daisy Lowe and Pixie Geldof sported giant teased-up locks with spray-painted animal prints in the back. But what really drove -- er, pedaled barefoot -- the look home were the Pebbles-style white bones that adorned the hair.

For men, Scott's Tarzan-esque hot pink one-shoulder spotted onesie elicited gasps from the crowd, making Fred's dress look tame.

We'll admit the show -- the envelope-pushing American designer's first in London -- was extremely entertaining, but we don't think we'll be rushing out to flaunt our inner Wilmas anytime soon.

What do you think? Was this a Yabba-Dabba Do or a Yabba-Dabba Don't? Leave a comment below!

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