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Should retouched images like this face restrictions? Photo: Getty Images

Following in the footsteps of Liberal Democrats in the UK, a group of 50 power-wielding politicians in France are also aiming to clearly label all photographs that have been retouched, according to WWD.

The proposed French law would require all advertising, press, political campaign, art photography and packaging images to be slapped with a warning of sorts if they are anything but au naturel.

How the proposed warning would work -- "This woman is actually larger than she appears," "We took away some laugh lines," "That's not her real head" -- is still unclear.

Similar to the UK campaign, the French politicians say that the heavy use of airbrushing and retouching creates unattainable and unrealistic photos that can result in warped body images among young women and cause eating disorders, reports the site.

While the fashion industry is clearly divided on the debate, Katie Grand, the editor of the British fashion magazine Love, told WWD that she agrees that retouching has gone too far.

"I think that magazines overall are becoming glossier and glossier and because of retouching, photographers' work is becoming more homogenized," she said. "And, looking at magazines, you often see who's done the retouching before you figure out who the photographer is. With Love, I am trying to use more personalities -- rather than models -- and don't want to retouch too much. And when we do retouch it has to do with color tones rather than the model's body."

But even those color tone tweaks would probably have to be noted if either of these laws go through. And if they do, could the US be next to feel the pressure?

It would definitely avoid (or propel?) controversies like Kelly Clarkson's digitally slimmed-down body on the cover of SELF. Or should knowledge of retouching just be common sense?

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