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Celebrity stylist Rachel Zoe and actress Demi Moore. Photo: Donato Sardella, WireImage

We knew it! Celebrities really are just like us. They watch addictive reality shows and even become obsessed with the pseudo-authentic plot lines.

We almost dropped our low-fat ice cream when super couple Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore admitted to their stylist friend Rachel Zoe that they are hooked on "The Real Housewives of Atlanta."

Can they not get enough of its breakout star NeNe Leakes? Do they love the cat fights between Kim Zociak and Sheree Whitfield? Do they critique the racy attire that makes these moms seem more June Cleavage than "Leave it to Beaver?" Could Demi be contemplating which rival housewives' clothing line she'll wear? Is she obsessed with the identity of Kim's married sugar daddy, aka "Big Poppa?"

We don't know for sure, but this is what we learned during an exchange between Zoe, the A-listers and her ever amusing assistant, Brad Goreski on the last episode.

The episode revolved around Zoe's collaboration with Kutcher as contributing "stylist" for his Blah Girls Web cartoon. Zoe conceptualized the girls' prom looks and contributed some of her, "I die. I die." lines in the form of voice-overs.

During a follow up phone call, Kutcher told Zoe (who regularly styles his wife) that the couple were visiting Atlanta. Goreski perked up and asked, "Have you seen any of the Real Housewives? Kutcher laughed and said, "No. No. No sightings of NeNe or Kim."

Zoe apologized for Brad, saying, "He's obsessed with them." That's okay, Kutcher said, "Demi's obsessed with them too!" Then Demi got on the phone to profess her love for the show.

We can only imagine how much Bravo execs loved one of their reality shows plugging another. Talk about one big happy reality family.

We also learned that if Zoe ever gives birth, her private parts will only produce "Chanel." Way too much information!

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And catch "The Real Housewives of Atlanta" tonight at 10/9 C on Bravo.