Victoria Beckham at the Burberry show.

Victoria Beckham attends the Burberry runway show dressed in black from her own eponymous line. Photo: Gareth Cattermole, Getty Images

While the rest of London Fashion Week was caught up in a debate over whether or not to use curvy models, Victoria Beckham jumped in on the "weight-y" issue by claiming that she does, in fact eat, reports Daily Mail UK.

The former Spice Girl-turned-designer defended her super skinny frame by telling the source, "I have a healthy diet, a healthy lifestyle and plenty of energy to run after my three energetic boys and travel the world managing my fashion business."

While we're not casting any judgments on whether Posh actually eats well or not, we do wonder whether running a fashion biz adds any weight to her defense.

After all, the fashion industry isn't particularly forgiving of a bigger waistline-- as young designer Mark Fast discovered when he lost his stylist and casting director.

Beckham also commented on her social responsibility, saying to the site, "I appreciate there are young girls and women who look at me as a role model and it is untrue to say I do not eat and I am unhealthy."

Posh has been seen around London Fashion Week (svelte as ever) rocking dresses from her own eponymous line (see above right).

What do you think? Does Victoria speaking out make it easier on girls who consider her a role model? Or is it just another chance for her to get some publicity? Let us know in a comment below.

Victoria isn't the only news coming out of London Fashion Week. The event celebrated it's 25th anniversary this year!