Bebe Sport's cool new replacement. Photos courtesy of PH8

We previously told you about Bebe Sport being replaced by PH8, and now we have a sneak peek at the new fitness-meets-fashion line of clothing and accessories (note the fanny pack, above right).

PH8 (pronounced "fate") president Tara Poseley says: "The collection speaks to a total lifestyle and is targeted toward a woman who doesn't want to look like she is trying too hard to be sexy... but has an effortless attraction about her that exudes confidence and a sense of playfulness."

We're loving these chic looks from the debut collection for Winter/Holiday 2009, and not just because they were styled by Emily Current and Merrit Elliott, designers of celebrity favorite Current/Elliott.

Though, we're not sure harem pants at the gym are the best idea, they totally work for a night out!

Look for PH8 to hit stores on November 5, with pieces ranging from $19 to $139.

In the meantime, head over to sister site That's Fit so you'll be in good enough shape to pull off sporting Bebe's new brand.