I don't know about you, but I've spent most of my life hating my thighs.

I feel like every pair of jeans hugs my limbs like sausage casing. I don't beach sans sarong. Shorts? Not an option.

My thighs have been the topic of many a therapy session. But these are the glutes I was born with, and I've finally come to terms with the fact that I will never have the sinewy gate of Gwynnie.

Hence the Huge Lips Skinny Hips shade "Love Your Thighs," a chic coral reminiscent of the confident women you see prancing, topless, in St. Tropez, whether they have perfect bodies or not. The gloss comes with a little love note, a mantra about loving your thighs, no matter their size. If we all spent a bit less time hating on ourselves, think of what kind of amazing things we could do with that leftover energy!

To get a bunch of our blogger friends, Twitter followers, and Facebook fans on the same page, I hosted a sumo wrestling match.

Yes. you heard me! Nothing like slapping on a fat suit to make you feel good!

In a private room at Church Street Boxing, the sweatiest, most testosterone-imbued space I have ever smelled (single girls, a must for you!), the girls behind Feliciasullivan.com, FashionStyleBeauty.com, TheInformedMakeupMaven.com, the NYCgame.com, and F.O.P.L.s (Friends of Purple Lab) got ready to rumble.

All fights were clean. No biting. No scratching. No hair pulling. Best out of three one-minute rounds.

You have no idea how fun it is to wear one of these things (even though they kind of stunk). You have to waddle. And you definitely know what it feels like to have the kind of thunder thighs that swish together when you walk. (There is a doughnut surrounding the body that you blow up inside the suit.) I had to lie on my back to have someone put my sneakers on. Bending, not an option.

Our Sumo Wrestling suits. Photo: Courtesy of Karen Rabinovitz

My husband, Todd, the co-founder and CEO of Purple Lab, donned a ref Tshirt and curated a heavy playlist of hard rock (Nothing like Marilyn Manson to get you in the mood to pounce). Our friend Cesar, who was once Mr. New York Natural, was our "Round Boy." You know how they do it with bikini clad girls at a boxing match - he wore a purple thong (forget 6-pack, he has 16! His body is like pinching marble.).

Between caffeinated Fyxx water and Oreo Crumbs cupcakes, we went to town (Michelle Joni Lapidus of NYC Game of us in Jimmy Choos - kid you not and she won the match!).

Needless to say, we all appreciated what we had at the end of the day - and wore Love Your Thighs with a newfound confidence.

Purple Lab Creatrix

Karen Rabinovitz, beauty entrepreneur, writes a weekly column for StyleList called Beauty BLab.