Tommy Hilfiger with daughter Ally and wife Dee

Ally, Tommy and Dee Hilfiger. Photo: Larry Baglio/

Thursday night in New York City, Tommy Hilfiger along with Nicky Hilton, Zoe Kravitz and designers Jeffrey Costello and Robert Tagliapietra celebrated legendary photographer Sam Haskins (of "Cowboy Kate" fame).

While Hilfiger first saw the work of Haskins in the '70s when the designer was getting his clothing business off the ground, it wasn't until recently that the two met in person and decided to work on a book together.

The result, "Fashion Etcetera by Sam Haskins: Tommy Hilfiger Special Edition," as well as the Sam Haskins for Tommy Hilfiger Capsule Collection.

The fashion line includes a T-shirt, tote and scarf printed with Haskin's famous "Gill and Curl" photo of a brassiere-clad woman holding up her hair.

Standing in front of the famous shot, HIlfiger explains why he is taken by the image: "The natural purity and beauty of the girl -- she's uncomplicated and not overly done up."

Adding, "She's really the embodiment of the Tommy woman and she reminds me of my wife Dee." (Who, for the record, looks absolutely amazing after having a baby!)

Speaking of family, Hilfiger's daughter Ally Hilfiger was on hand and told us about her new fashion gig with her aunt's Ginny H line.

"I'm helping her develop a cooler, younger contemporary line," she said. "I was doing art, but now I'm focusing on fashion. It's what I know best. And I'm just trying to learn in order to have my own business and clothing line some day."

Surely with the strength of her last name, she could just start her own line now.

"I don't think it's appropriate," she said. "There are so many things I want to learn and I don't want to do it half-assed."

Of course, we had to ask if she was doing all of this in preparation of perhaps filling her father's shoes at the Tommy Hilfiger empire some day, but she chose to remain vague on the possibility.

"It's such a big company that it's not only one person that can run the company," she explained politely. "There are just so many people. I don't know how much control I'd have or help I would be."

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