Kate Moss Songwriter

Meet UK's newest registered songwriter: supermodel Kate Moss. Photo: Chris Jackson, Getty Images

In these trying economic times, we suppose even supermodels need to expand their career options, but we really thought that adding the designer hyphenate would be enough.

Not so for Kate Moss! The supermodel has joined the Performing Rights Society (an organization for songwriters, composers and publishers in the UK) as a songwriter and publisher, reports Sunday Mail UK.

Joining the society means that Kate can now claim songwriter credits and any royalties due for future songs she writes.

And best of all, she will also be able to claim royalties for the songs she wrote with ex-boyfriend Pete Doherty (also a PRS member) of the band Babyshambles.

We expect a girl-power-get-your-revenge album soon!

Craving more Kate? The model may be making big business moves, but her social behavior lately has been another case altogether.