Crocs on display in Ramat Hasharon, a town north of Tel Aviv, Israel, where the resin shoes are very popular. A rabbi has declared Crocs inappropriate Yom Kippur footwear. Photo: Venturelli/WireImage

To symbolize humility and humanity, leather is out on Yom Kippur. But, now plastic sandals may be banned on the holiday, as well.

Lithuanian Rabbi Elyashiv has ruled Crocs should not be worn on Yom Kippur because "they are too comfortable -- so they don't provide the level of suffering one should feel on the holiday," according to a story on, the English-language sister-site to Israel's largest news and content site.

The ruling from the influential rabbi could pose a challenge for many Jews, who have favored wearing the shoes at synagogue services in recent years, Ynet says.

We can't help but pose this question: Isn't wearing unsightly Crocs in public suffering enough?

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It's not those attending religious services who opt for Crocs -- lots of of celebrities love them, too.