Jean Paul Gaultier Kylie Minogue

Jean Paul Gaultier's original sketch (left), and the realized version worn by Kylie last night. Sketch courtesy of Jean Paul Gaultier. Photo: Frank Micelotta, Getty Images

Lady Gaga may get all the newspaper ink these days, but Australian superstar Kylie Minogue knows a thing or two about powerhouse concert costumes.

Heck, the pint-sized princess's costumes even earned their own exhibit at London's Victoria & Albert Museum two years ago.

So it's only natural that Kylie would bring out the big guns for her first North American tour, which kicked off last night in Oakland, Calif. And by big guns, we mean the one and only Jean Paul Gaultier.

Jean Paul Gaultier Kylie Minogue Gold Sequin Dress

Gaultier's ultra-glam sequin frock. Sketch courtesy Jean Paul Gaultier. Photo: London Entertainment/Splash

Gaultier, who recently designed the is-she-naked-or-are-my-eyes-deceiving-me? nude leotard for Shakira's "She Wolf" video," has specially created a number of dramatic looks for the tour, including this sexy corset bodysuit, a slinky sequined halter dress and a jaw-dropping structured metallic one-piece paired with sequin cuffs and an astronomical-inspired headpiece (shown at top).

If the getup looks familiar, it might be because it's eerily similar to the mirrored silver frock worn by Lady Gaga (yep, her again) during several performances, not to mention the gyroscope-based headgear she recently wore in V Magazine.

But hey, all's fair in love and war-drobe. After all, with these two there's plenty of style -- and sequins -- to go around.

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