It isn't all business for Liz Claman -- at least as far as her wardrobe is concerned.

The Fox Business Network anchor tells Forbes she prefers to go "business sexy" instead of the usual dullsville you would expect of someone with her job.

Her goal, she tells the source, is to "attract, not distract." And attract she does with her "confident, camera-friendly blend of body-conscious knits and tailored separates, minimal jewelry -- and the occasional leopard-print shoe," reports Forbes.

Claman, who each afternoon anchors an hour of news followed by "Countdown to the Closing Bell" and "Fox Business Bulls & Bears," tells Forbes about the time she had to make a stealth style decision.

She was covering the election last November in Chicago and the weather turned out to be too mild to wear anything she packed, so she made like a seasoned fashionista and threw on her sleeping T-shirt and paired it with an Hermes scarf.

Shame on all of us who thought Fox News was a black hole of style.

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