women applying makeup while driving cause car accidents in UK

Who would have thought looking good could be so dangerous? Photo: Getty Images

"Sorry, Officer. I was just reapplying my lipstick and that tree jumped out of nowhere."

That's a line that British women appear to be used to giving, with 3 percent of surveyed female motorists in the UK admitting to causing a car accident while applying their makeup while behind the wheel, accounting for nearly half a million collisions a year, The Telegraph reports.

In a new survey released by women's auto insurance provider Diamond, 4,000 women were questioned about their driving habits. Primping emerged as a common habit, with 27 percent of women (the equivalent of 2.7 million out of 15 million female UK drivers) 'fessing up to touching up their makeup in the car, according to the paper.

It appears that women 18 and younger are the worst offenders of driving while under the influence of NARS, with 9 percent admitting to cosmetics-induced crashes, compared to just 0.5 percent of women aged 56 and older, the source reports.

"We all have busy lives but applying your makeup when you're driving means your full attention is not on the road ahead," Sian Lewis, Diamond's marketing manager, told the paper.

"Is your mascara more important than yours and other road users' safety? Women are generally great at doing more than one thing at once but this is definitely one area where multitasking should not be practiced," Lewis added.

Point taken. And if you're still not convinced that perfecting fall's '80s beauty trend while cruising down the M25 is a bad idea, be aware that getting caught red lipstick-handed will earn you a careless driving fine in the UK, and up to two years in prison if your negligence causes a death, The Telegraph notes.

Let's face it. There's a lot of things we'd do for a flawless smokey eye, but causing a six-car pileup isn't one of them.

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