Imelda Marcos Shoes Musical

Hello, my pretties. Imelda Marcos admires her shoe collection in 2001. Photo: Joel Nito, AFP/Getty Images

With all due respect, "Frost/Nixon," sometimes we prefer our political plays with a little more... sole.

You know. Less presidential backbiting and political intrigue, more presidential costume changes and intriguing fashion. Is that too much to ask?

Apparently not.

New York City's Pan Asian Repertory Theatre is answering our prayers with its new Off-Broadway production, "Imelda: A New Musical," based on the trials, tribulations and togs of Philippines' former First Lady Imelda Marcos, The Wall Street Journal reports.

The play, which debuted earlier this week at the Julia Miles Theater, follows Marcos as her husband (the late Ferdinand Marcos) rises to power, as well as the accusations of corruption that plagued his rule, the paper reports.

Still, the star of the show is Imelda Marcos' legendary footwear collection, which reportedly totaled nearly 3,000 pairs.

Though, Jaygee Macapugay, the actress who plays Imelda, only goes through a relatively modest eight pairs of shoes over two acts, another 20 pairs serve as props, according to The Wall Street Journal.

Marcos' penchant for pumps even inspired the show's musical numbers, sources say.

A big number called "3,000 Pairs of Shoes," references Ferragamo and snakeskin heels, with choice lines like "A shoe collection so unreal, a million drag queens gave a squeal."

If that kind of ear candy doesn't have you dancing in the aisles, maybe the onstage eye candy will.

The show's costume designer, Ivy Chou, told the paper that the leading lady's shoes, many of them donated, made up 40 percent of the wardrobe budget. Yowzah!

We're sure Imelda would approve. But you'll have to hop to it if you want to get a load of the shoe smorgasbord -- the production ends on October 18.

To the "theatuh," we go!

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