Rugby Make Your Own iPhone App Ralph Lauren

Customize your own Rugby Ralph Lauren sweater, right from your iPhone. Photo courtesy of Ralph Lauren

With all of the hubbub of Fashion Weeks around the world, we were remiss not to mention all of the cool happenings at Ralph Lauren as of late.

In addition to the stellar all-American spring 2010 show that just went down the runway, the company has also been busy making advances in the techno-sphere.

As fashion week was ramping up, I was lucky enough to break away to attend the U.S. Open with the company's dashing director of celebrity, Kimball Hastings.

At the on-premise pop-up shop, I was shown all of the innovative ways that one could shop for an assortment of Ralph Lauren tennis gear (the company served as the main fashion sponsor and outfitted everyone from the ball boys to the umpires).

A giant glossy touch screen (almost like an iPhone) was stationed inside the store for interactive purchases -- goodbye long lines, hello easy shipping on larger purchases. It was also great for locating an item in a different size, something I needed to do.

On that particular day, Kimball was wearing a vintage varsity sweater, which caught the eye of a shopper. "I love that," she fawned. "You can make your own," he replied.

iPhone users have probably already caught wind of the company's new application where you can create and customize your own Rugby Ralph Lauren sweater and then purchase it immediately after.

The process includes access to various colors, patches and also a gallery of completed looks by other participants. In the "Make Your Own Rugby Gallery," which is also accessible online, the sweaters with the highest ratings end up in a "look of the day gallery."

As an editor of online media, it's interesting to see how different fashion houses are integrating their respective businesses on the internet.

While some are just discovering Twitter, Ralph Lauren has gone on to create fun and interactive shopping experiences.

Once again Mr. Lauren is at the head of the pack when it comes to fusing fashion accessibility with the busy lifestyle of his consumers.