Coach's Ergo pleated satchel

Coach is suing Target for trademark infringement of the leather brand's "Ergo" (pleated satchel above) and Patchwork designs. Photo:

The legal saga continues for Coach and Target Corp.

After suing Target in 2006 for trademark infringement (that case was dismissed just three weeks after it was filed), the leather brand is after the mass retailer once again, reports WWD.

Coach filed a complaint Oct. 1 in the U.S. District Court in NYC alleging that Target sold knockoffs of its Patchwork and Ergo designs, says the source.

In the lawsuit, Coach is seeking an injunction against the Minnesota-based retailer for any further sales of the alleged copycat goods, as well as compensation for attorneys' fees and unspecified damages.

But Target may find comfort knowing that it isn't not the only one Coach is going after -- Brown Shoe Co. Inc, parent company of Naturalizer, was also accused of copying the "Ergo" pleated satchel (above) in June of this year, reports the site.

While Brown and Coach settled out of court, there's no word yet on whether Target will contest the suit.

In this industry, imitation is clearly not the highest form of flattery.

Target isn't the only company facing legal trouble. Stay up-to-date on the latest fashion lawsuits.