Head cases. From left to right, Gareth Pugh, Bernhard Willhelm and Junya Watanabe. Photos: AFP/Getty Images

Sure we've spotted several trends at Paris Fashion Week, like underwear as outerwear and super-short hemlines, but one of the kookier things to come out of the city of lights has definitely been the off-the-wall headgear.

  • Gareth Pugh's leading ladies -- in winged headbands and chapeaux -- looked very Fabio circa the goose incident.
  • Designer Bernhard Willhelm decided to be one with nature and adorned his models with everything from hay and flowers to huge fern fronds and strings of onion bulbs. The result was part broom, part scarecrow and part teepee.
  • Japanese designer Junya Watanabe was in a Marge Simpson state of mind, albeit an avant-garde one, in the form of towering skunk-striped turbans that resembled black-and-white cookies with a dash of court jester.
And while we get that fashion shows aren't supposed to be taken too literally, we're not sure the beyond-quirky headgear is traffic-stopping in a good way.

What do you think? Are these toppers couture or crazy? Let us know in a below comment.

These weren't the only hair-raising looks on the catwalk; London Fashion Week had some seriously loony locks.