"Dancing with the Stars" contestant Kelly Osborne reveals her "burned" armpit. Photo: http://twitpic.com/keaur

Newly svelte Kelly Osbourne performed a well-received Samba on "Dancing with the Stars" last night, even planting a kiss on partner Louis van Amstel to cap off the spectacle.

But what really had people talking was Osbourne's Twitter page, where she revealed a photo of an angry-looking armpit which she claimed had been "burned" by a popular deodorant body spray.

Never ever use impulse body spray from the UK i sprayed it on myself and now have really bad burns all over my body gentle on skin my a**!" she tweeted.

Osbourne said she had to alter her "Dancing with the Stars" costume to hide the unsightly marks.

Impulse Body Spray has been on the market since 1972. Originally introduced in South Africa, the "perfume deodorant" is now the UK's "number one female body spray fragrance," according to Unilever.

As for what could have caused the reaction, a study by the CDC suggests that two of the body spray's ingredients could be to blame: "
Oxidized limonene and linalool are common allergens in dermatitis patients tested consecutively in Europe," the site stated.

Dr. David Bank, a Cosmetic Dermatologist, says "Fragrance is the number one cause of contact skin allergies, and can certainly cause rashes for some people. Look for fragrance-free of hypoallergenic products to minimize the chance you'll have a reaction."

Perhaps fellow Unilever brand Dove deodorant would have been better on the star's sensitive skin?