paula deen

Paula Deen, beauty maven! Photo: John Parra, WireImage

Paula Deen can dish out more than just southern comfort food -- in this month's issue of Allure magazine she gives us a glimpse into her beauty routine.

The chef, who's known for homestyle favorites like fried chicken and pork chops, also relies on a southern staple in her beauty regimen: false eyelashes. In fact, she tells Allure that she "wouldn't take out the trash without 'em."

And some would consider the secret behind her smooth, youthful skin an occupational hazard -- daily steam facials! "Still, the thing that has helped my skin more than anything is being in my kitchen, constantly looking down into deep, hot pots," explains Deen. "The steam and heat keep my pores clean."

Although Deen admits to not always taking off her makeup before bed, she tries to undo the damage by using $350 Chanel cream because "it just makes your skin feel so good." We're making an educated guess said cream is the brand's top-of-the-line Sublimage.

Deen might also be reaping the beauty benefits from eating fresh, unprocessed food on a daily basis -- even if her recipes do include heavy cream!