14-year-old Alex Dalby in her banned ''Miss Sexy'' brand pants. Photo: Brad Wakefield, SWNS.COM

We can probably all agree that visible panty lines (VPL) are never a good thing.

But is it worth a trip to the headmaster's office?

That's the punishment female pupils at the Nailsea School near Bristol, England are facing following a crackdown by headmaster David New, who banned "tight" Miss Sexy-brand black trousers from the school uniform, reports The Daily Mail. (We've heard of Miss Sixty, but Miss Sexy?)

Newly instituted, the stricter dress code requires students to purchase new trousers costing £16.99, after deeming the existing £9.99 black pants inappropriate because they expose VPL and have excessive details, including a label touting the Miss Sexy brand, according to the paper.

"We don't want trousers that are unduly tight because they show off the student's underwear when their jumpers aren't on," New told The Daily Mail.

"We don't want the fashion statement that these are making with the zips and buckles showing. We don't think a logo that says Miss Sexy sends across the right message about our school or students."

Some parents at the school have responded in protest after seeing their children punished for wardrobe violations, according to the source. Rather than paying for new trousers, some have reportedly resorted to clipping the Miss Sexy label and coloring the pants' bronze buttons black as a compromise.

"These trousers have been fine for the last three years and my daughter looks very smart wearing them," parent Jane Dalby told the paper. "I'm fully supportive of the school and I'm not trying to be awkward but I really don't see what's wrong with them. The new rules really are over the top."

New has responded to the complaints by giving parents one month to purchase the new trousers. Students not complying with the dress code will be sent home to change, or will be sent to a spare classroom to work in isolation.

These girls may have panty lines, but it seems like the headmaster's the one with his panties in a twist.

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