35 years of SNL. Sketch courtesy of Barneys New York

It's going to be a "Saturday Night Live" Holiday at Barneys New York.

In part to honor the television show's 35th anniversary and in part to get people shopping, Barneys New York Creative Director Simon Doonan chose to feature the show and its iconic characters in the store's windows on Madison Avenue for the holiday season.

"I wanted to do something to make people chuckle," Doonan told StyleList. "Barneys is all about taste, luxury and humor and this year, we need something to chuckle about." Adding, "Happy people are shopping people."

There are four windows: Christmas with the Coneheads, The Women of "SNL," The Men of "SNL" and a 35th anniversary collage.

The Coneheads at Christmas. Sketch courtesy of Barneys New York

In Christmas with the Coneheads, Beldar and Prymaat Conehead are playing ring toss with a holiday wreath.

"They're listening to Conehead Twitty, Conehead Francis and the Perry Conehead Singers – there's lots of silly cone jokes," Doonan explained.

"There are chunks of script on the walls to remind you how funny it was. I think it's probably my favorite window." We bet it's Lady Gaga's favorite window too!

The challenge with the men's and women's windows was to figure out where characters like Pat and Linda Richman went. "It was just like a Pat sketch," Doonan said.

"We finally decided to put her in the women's window because Pat is played by a woman." Richman got the opposite outcome – she is also in the women's window, though played by Mike Myers. "She's so femmy – if you work that hard, you deserve to be what you're striving for."

The windows, which have been worked on continuously since September, will be unveiled at a ribbon-cutting on November 16.

"SNL" executive producer Lorne Michaels and many cast members are expected to turn out for it. Doonan, for one, is hoping a certain special guest turns up.

"Maybe Sarah Palin will be in town promoting her book and she and Tina Fey can have an arm wrestling match."